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Sunnyside Chapel is in the heart of our 35-acre Village. Surrounding the Chapel are our Residential Living cluster neighborhoods, home to more than 270 Villagers. You will find our duplex homes alongside winding streets framed with a canopy of trees. Our multi-plex villa homes are conveniently located near the Village center, and our multi-story garden apartments border lake Sunnyside. Near the Chapel on the southern quadrant of our tropical landscaped acreage is home to our Manor assisted living, Shepherd’s Landing memory care, and Health and Rehabilitation Center family.

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Residential Living Information

Sunnyside Village owns and maintains our Residential Living homes and is responsible for re-leasing the vacated houses.

Our Residential Living houses are contracted with a Life Lease agreement which requires a one-time lease fee. An equity refund will return to you or your estate when you terminate the lease. Sunnyside Village offers two refundable options –Traditional and Modified plans.

The Traditional plan has a 70%-60% equity refund. The Modified Plan provides a reduced lease fee and a reduced monthly fee with a 70%-50% equity refund.

Purchasing a Sunnyside Life Lease is better than renting because:

  • The money paid for rent each month is gone forever
  • There is no change in the terms of your agreement
  • You receive the care and benefits of living at Sunnyside Village
  • Your lease payment is an investment for your future since the equity return will never be less than 60% of the original lease amount.

Residential Living Wait List

Sunnyside Village has 226 Residential Living homes, and there is a waiting list for our housing choices.