Assisted Living FAQs

When should I consider moving to Assisted Living?

Navigating healthcare decisions later in life is not always simple. One of those decisions may be determining the right time to move into assisted living to benefit from supportive care to maintain your independence.

There are clear signals that indicate it may be time to move from your home into assisted living, including:

  • Worsening of a medical condition
  • A decline in mobility
  • Increased number of falls
  • Loss of appetite or not eating well
  • Increased weakness
  • Increased forgetfulness
  • Difficulty managing medications and monitoring medical conditions
  • Difficulty keeping house clean and managing the household
  • A decline in ability to care for self

Moving sooner rather than later before your health needs change may ensure a better quality of life and better support to maintain your independence longer.

What is the advantage of living in an Assisted Living apartment at Sunnyside Manor?

We have heard many first-hand experiences from our Manor residents, and here are the top benefits:

Carefree Living – Obtaining freedom from home maintenance, housekeeping, cooking, shopping, managing appointments and medications, scheduling transportation, and managing caregivers’ schedules benefit well-being. The Manor’s services and care will lessen your chores and concerns and grant you more time to do the things you love and try something new.

Healthy Balanced Nutrition – Older adults are susceptible to malnutrition because of decreased metabolism and appetite, affecting nutrient absorption. Healthy eating is essential because nutrition impacts organ function, brain function, bone and muscle health, strengthens the immune system, and supports the management of chronic illnesses. Our Sunnyside Executive Chef and dietary staff understand the importance of a healthy diet and tailor meals to individuals’ special dietary needs.

Friendships – The Manor provides daily activities and opportunities to dine together, which foster friendships. Friends can help you celebrate good times, provide support during hard times, prevent loneliness, increase your sense of belonging and purpose, and boost your happiness.

Enriched Life Manor residents collaborate with their Life Enrichment Director to customize daily wellness activities that are enjoyable, educational, purposeful, and beneficial to their health.

Strengthen Relationships with Family – The extra support provided by Manor staff enhances your independence, which may bring great relief to you and your family. Together you can discover a renewed focus on enjoying your relationship with each other.

Peace of Mind for your future health needs. Transitions to higher levels of care tend to be much smoother because  Manor residents have established friendships and the Sunnyside neighborhood is familiar.  As a Sunnyside resident, you receive priority consideration to our higher levels of care:

Do Sunnyside Manor residents have access to other Sunnyside Village amenities?

As a Sunnyside Manor resident, you have access to the Village community conveniences, including:

  • Sunnyside Chapel – Full-time Chaplain
  • American Momentum Village bank
  • Sunnyside Village guest suites
  • Full-service beauty salons
  • Pavilion-covered heated pool
  • Fitness room
  • Shuffleboard and bocce ball court
  • Village park, picnic area, and nature trail

What does Assisted Living cost?

Sunnyside Manor Assisted Living is a lease program that may be easily terminated by the resident or representative without a service fee.

Our simplistic pricing structure includes:

  • Community Fee – $2,000, a one-time fee that you pay when you become a Manor assisted living resident.
  • The all-inclusive monthly fee includes your apartment, utilities, nursing assistance, supportive services, meals, scheduled transportation, recreational, social, and wellness activities, access to Village amenities, and much more.

Is there a waiting list for a Sunnyside Manor Assisted Living apartment?

Yes, there is a waiting list for Sunnyside Manor’s 42 Assisted Living apartments. Our Sunnyside residents receive priority consideration for available Assisted Living apartments, but there are opportunities when available apartments are open to our wait list applicants.

Discover more about Sunnyside Manor Assisted Living. We are here to help you identify your goals, needs, resources, and time preferences.