Residential Living FAQs

Is Sunnyside Village church-affiliated?

Sunnyside Village is a not-for-profit corporation affiliated with the Sarasota-area Mennonite churches. The churches provide corporate members who elect the volunteer Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for directing the operations and development of Sunnyside Village.

Do we need to be members of the Mennonite Church to live at Sunnyside?

Approximately 6 percent of our residents are members with the Mennonite church. Our Villagers represent over 20 denominations and varied faith backgrounds. Religious beliefs and preferences are not considered as part of the admission process.

Is Sunnyside Village a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) or a Life Plan Community (LPC)?

CCRC/ LPC community contracts typically charge higher-cost entry fees that may pre-pay for a portion of future health-related services within the community. CCRC / LPC contracts can be legally complex and difficult to discontinue without a significant financial loss.

Sunnyside Village is not a CCRC/ LPC community. We chose a simplistic, more affordable independent living pricing model that:

  • separates the levels of care on campus
  • eliminates paying for future health services that may or may not be used
  • provides a beneficial equity return
  • provides the freedom to move from the community

Each level of care at Sunnyside has separate terms, agreements, and fees. Sunnyside residents receive priority consideration to all levels of care on campus, but not a guarantee.

What type of agreement is used for Residential Living?

Our Residential Living homes are contracted with a Life Lease agreement which has a required one-time lease fee. The Life Lease agreement allows our Village residents the right to live in the home for life, or as long as they choose, or as long as they are able to manage their independence.

Does all my money go to Sunnyside Village when I leave?

Our Residential Living houses are contracted with a Life Lease agreement which
requires a one-time lease fee. An equity refund will return to you or your estate when
you terminate the lease. Sunnyside Village offers two refundable options –Traditional
and Modified plans.

The Traditional plan refund percent starts at 70% at occupancy and reduces per month
of occupancy for a maximum of fifty (50) months. The refund will remain at 60%

The Modified Plan provides a reduced lease fee and a reduced monthly fee. The refund
percent starts at 70% at occupancy and reduces per month of occupancy for a
maximum of fifty (50) months. The refund will remain at 50% thereafter.

What services are covered in the monthly fee?

The monthly service fee includes 20 meals per person, home maintenance, 24-hour campus patrol; 24-hour emergency call system; high-speed internet; high-definition cable TV; local and long-distance USA telephone service; scheduled transportation; social, wellness and recreational activities; spiritual enrichment programs and much more.

May I have a pet in the Residential Living neighborhood?

Your cat, bird, or tropical fish may reside in your home. A pet policy is part of the application for admission. Dogs are not permitted.

Is there a long wait to move to a Residential Living home?

Sunnyside Village has 226 Residential Living homes, and there is a waiting list for all the home choices. The average waiting time is 1-3 years, depending on your chosen house size. The larger homes tend to have a more extended waiting period.

When is the best time to make a move into the Residential Living neighborhood?

The minimum age for residency is 55 years old. Moving at an earlier age relieves the stress of home maintenance and enables you to enjoy your retirement years longer with services and amenities that enrich your life and are supportive as you age. Downsizing from your family home is easier when you plan to move and not in response to crisis. It’s best to start your plan early.